NetLogger is a methodology and set of software tools for debugging and performance analysis of complex distributed applications. 

The NetLogger Toolkit is a comprehensive set of APIs and Python tools:

  • APIs for efficiently generating structured logs in Python, C/C++, Java, Perl, shell
  • Advanced C API, NL-Calipers, for high-performance logging using in-memory log summarization. 
  • Parsers for logs from existing middleware into a structured form
  • Tools for storing structured logs in relational databases, NoSQL databases, and message buses (AMQP).


The following is an excerpt from the Logging Best Practices document:

Real-time status outputs from running software, or logs, are instrumental to performance analysis, problem diagnosis, and security auditing tasks such as incident tracing and damage assessment. Too often, though, logs are only useful to the author of the program, poorly structured, or missing important information. The solution to this should be obvious: logs need to be well-structured and complete. If we apply the same discipline and consistency to logging as we apply to coding standards, logs can be readily useful to the wider community of administrators, users, middleware developers -- and the log-consuming programs that all these people create.

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